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Air Pollution: Air companies are also responsible for climate changing

Air Pollution, this topic is on newspapers almost everyday in the last weeks: «Air companies are also responsible for climate changing». Is it new? Not at all.

The 3 days closing of the USA air space after September 11th, showed how aircraft emmissions have an important role in climate changing. From midday September 11 to midday September 14, the days had become warmer and the nights cooler, with the overall range greater by about two degrees Fahrenheit (see The Contrail Effect [1]).

But, not flying is a valid answer? or more taxes? Of course, not.

I think aerospace companies (like Airbus [2] and Boeing [3]) should invest more in I+D related to environment (less emmissions, less noise, etc.) and do people know about its efforts as the car manufacturers have being doing since the 80s.

Innovation, not restrictions, I think that’s the right answer. What do you think? Are more taxes the right answer?

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