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Rohit Verma Prof. from Cornell School of Hotel Administration visits IE Business School

Thanks to the good relationship IE Business School [1]has with Cornell School of Hotel Administration [2], today we have the pleasure of counting on Rohit Verma [3], Associate Professor of Operations Management.

Rohit Verma.JPG [4]


He will address the seminar «Hospitality Product and Service Innovation» at the IE Business School’s Master in Tourism Management [5](Executive intake).


The objectives of this Seminar are:

       Describe the importance of new product (and service) development in a firm’s success and failure.

       Describe the new product development process, the product life cycle, and different strategies and tradeoffs in product innovation.

       Learn different concepts in new product development such as designing for enhanced customer experience, mass customization, virtual reality, rapid prototyping, environmentally friendly design, modular design, concurrent engineering, product platforms, group technology, and reverse engineering.

       Learn important new product development analysis techniques such as customer choice analysis, reliability analysis, product specific index, and quality function deployment.


I would like to thank him for his visit.