A new Tourism Leaders Forum will take place on next Tuesday April 13th with an interesting speaker: Mrs. Sania Jelic, Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board in Spain. She will analyze the strategy of Croacia as a international tourism destination, its key success factors and its role as a hard competitor for Spain as tourism destination.

This conference is the first of a various in which we will invite representatives of the main tourism destinations in the Mediterranean region in order to analyze the real situation and strategy implemented by all of them.

Title: “Croatia, The Mediterranean As It Once Was”

Content: Croatia became a sovereign state in 1991. About 20% of its GDP derive from tourism. In 2009 it was ranked as the Rising Star in the FutureBrand ranking Country Brand Index (CBI).

– How did it achieve this position?
– What was the strategy employed?
– What were (and still are) the main challenges?
– Where will it go from here?

IE Business School. E 101. María de Molina, 6 (corner with Pinar 9)

Date: Tuesday, 13 April 2010. 19.30 h.

Sania Jelic Bio
Sania Jelic Danda is a hands-on Sales & Marketing expert, with multi-cultural experience in business development, marketing and communication. She has lived in Chile, Austria, Germany, the US, Croatia and Spain.
In 2006 she became Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board in charge of Spain and Portugal, and sales have been going up since.  Her previous employments include Marketing & Communication Director at Anfi Group, Gran Canaria, ten years with Amadeus, the multinational IT provider for the travel industry, and her first steps in the travel industry began with inbound and outbound tour operators in Europe and the USA.

Sania speaks fluent English, native Croatian, fluent Spanish and German and has a useful knowledge of Italian. Even though she gained most of her expertise in the travel and IT industry, she is an expert wherever selling and marketing has to be done.

The conference will be in English.

The entrance is free. It is necessary to confirm your assistance here.


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