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Nuevas Posiciones

Executive Master in Tourism Management [1]

Vanessa Rodríguez, Executive Master in Tourism Management [2]2009, has been posted as Director of Hotel Partnerships for Travelong [3] (management company of several online travel agencies such CheapOstay.com [4], cheapOair.com [5], farebuzz.com [6]; among the TOP 10 Online Travel agencies in the US according to Hitwise [7]). Vanessa will be responsible for enhancing the hotel offerings worldwide by building and managing strategic partnerships with major hotel franchises and chains.  She will be fully responsible for all Hotel related activities of the company such as identifying new cross selling opportunities by implementing new product and service offerings to maximize revenues, and coordinating with Technology, Back Office, Marketing and Operations departments to manage the entire Hotel department for the company. 

 Previously, she worked as Senior Contract Manager for Transhotel [8]. She managed the hotel market in the US and negotiated leisure net rates, allotment and credit privileges.

 If interested, contact: vanessa@travelong.com [9]