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February RevPAR Data, some slowdown versus a strong January

The latest STR February data revealed some slowdown versus a strong January, but still we see good data and good perspectives.

Europe RevPAR +8% (vs.+10% in January):
: +5% (vs. +9,6%) – EUR48.49/room
UK: RevPAR +2.3% (vs. +4.9%) – GBP52.80/room
Germany: RevPAR +5.7% (vs. +8.9%) – EUR55.40/room
Italy: RevPAR +0.8% – EUR52.26/room
Russia: Rev PAR +10,6% – RUB2712.40/room

All European regions reported growth in occupancy and average room rates for the month. But Spain has the lowest RevPAR among key countries, far from the Germany, Italy or UK data. The Spanish hospitality sector is still suffering for the price war started three years ago.

America RevPAR: +7.1% (vs. +9% in January)
Among the key markets:
Brazil (+14.7% – BRL151.84)
Canada (-13.5% – CAD69.63)
Mexico (+2.1% – MXN855.83)
United States (+7.9% – USD55.15)

 Asia/Pacific RevPAR: +17,7%
In this region three markets achieved RevPAR increases of more than 30% (year-over-year comparisons, all currencies in U.S. dollars):
akarta (+33.6 percent to US$61.48)
Shanghai (+31.4 percent to US$45.98)
Beijing (+30.8 percent to US$41.01)

More info: http://www.strglobal.com [1]