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2011 Forecast for the Tourism Insdustry

2011 is likely to be the first «normal» year after the economic recession, but there are still some difficult challenges ahead:

REVPAR: The biggest challenge after the global financial crisis is to raise RevPAR. Hard work to do in yield management, supply and demand balance and return to traditional markets.

Guest Service: Post recession guests are becoming far more demanding, from a more prompt front desk service to outstanding ammenities in the room.

Marketing: Growth in business through website. Emphasis in distribution plattforms. Social media shifts from being a booking channel towards a visibility opportunity.

 Recovery region by region:

.- Unites States: Recovery keeps growing , but discreetely. Chicago and New York leat US RevPAR recovery.

.- EUROPE: Germany continues with a strong growth while UK and France slow their pace.

.- ASIA Pacific: After leding the recovery in 2010, in 2011 continues to be a strong region.

.- LATIN AMERICA: The forecast is to continue 2011 with a strong growth.

Source HOTELS Magazine