Highest hotel rates in Europe since 2008

Escrito el 18 mayo 2011 por Ramón Adillón en Hotelería

The average price of a standard double room in Europe’s 50 most popular destinations reached 117 sterling pounds, this month the highest rate since october 2008.

According to the data from the travel metasearch site Trivago, prices rose in 47 of Europe’s top 50 cities. For instance in Cannes, prices climbed 29% month over month up to 141 sterling pounds in May. In a similar way performed the neighboring citi of Nice, with a climb of 22% in prices and up to 118 pounds for a double room. Turin in Italy had a similar behaviour with an average rate of 119 pounds.

Geneva and Venice are Europe’s most expensive hotel markets with 224 and 209 pounds respectively.

In Spain, Barcelona is leading the climbing of prices, with an increment of about 21% and reaching the price of 136 pounds.

As far as UK is concerned, prices remain steady despite the significant changes in hotel rates experienced througout the rest of Europe. Cities such as Blackpool (67), Glasgow (82) and Bristol (92) or Cardiff (87) experienced only rises of 1 or 2% whereas Newcastle (96)  and Liverpool (92) decreased 3 and 5% respectively.

London rose only 8% to 167 pounds, which is a modest increase compared to previous months. and Edinburgh was the only UK city to experience any significant price climbs with 15% climb reaching 125 pounds of average price for  a double standard room.

Source: Hotels Magazine

*Prices are in sterling pounds since the comparative study was made in the UK.


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