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UNWTO – IE Business School Scholarships to study the Executive Master in Tourism Management


UNWTO [2] has decided to partner with the IE [3] for purposes of providing deserving students with an opportunity to benefit from a scholarship offered by IE, for study on the Executive Master in Tourism Management [4] program. With this agreement, IE as a Affiliate Member of the UNWTO and to contributing to the organization’s goals by providing access to executive-level training for tourism industry leaders, and with financial assistance.

  1. Two (2) scholarships worth 50% of tuition fees for Tourism Administration officials of UNWTO Member States [5] [5].
  2. Three (3) scholarships worth 30% of tuition fees for Affiliate Members of the UNWTO.
  3. Standing 25% scholarship for any employee or consultant of the UNWTO who is admitted to the program.  While there is no limit to these awards, UNWTO employees and consultants will not be able to access the primary five (5) scholarships.

All scholarships will be paid for via funding from the IE Foundation. All applications for scholarships sponsored by the IE Foundation should be submitted through the Financial Aid Online Scholarship Application before the start date of the course, preferably as soon as admitted to the program and intake of preference.

More info about the program: www.exmtm.ie.edu [4]
More info about IE scholarships: http://financialaid.ie.edu/WF_becas.aspx [6]