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Luxury Brand Management in T&T sector

Escrito el 7 septiembre 2011 por Antonio López de Avila en Creación de Valor, Executive Master in Tourism Management

I want to share this video with you all. It is a good start to debate about luxury in T&T sectorProfessor Simon Nyeck is the Academic Director of the MBA International Luxury Brand Management at ESSEC (France) and visiting professor at the Executive Master in Tourism Management (IE Business School).

We are constantly hearing about luxury, «lowxury«, «statusphere«, “luxyoury”, «no-frills-chic…(Please, check www.trendwatching.com). Tons of new words which try to describe the behavior of our consumers and their attraction to luxury or to what they consider luxury. T&T sector is not away from these trends…on the contrary.

Professor Nyeck talks about  location brand, the character of the location or company backing the brand and the knowledge or expertise of a location in people’s minds. I think professor Nyeck’s last comment » luxury branding make people dream» is quite interesting. We know it. T&T companies deal with people’s dreams.


Green hotels

Escrito el 4 abril 2011 por Antonio López de Avila en Creación de Valor, Hotelería, Innovación / Nuevas Ideas, Turismo Sostenible

Sustainability is a key attraction factor for today’s consumers, so hotels are increasingly adopting green practices to be different regarding their potential guests. On the other hand, thanks to social media the opinion of the consumers are becoming a key success factor to sell products and services on the web.

In Greece, Greenhotels has been created “not only as a portal and booking engine promoting eco-hotels in Greece, but it even scores those hotels on how right and real is their green approach.

As you can read in the web page, for being a part of GreenHotels, hotels have to be committed to environmental management and aim at:
– Water saving
– Waste reduction
– Establishing Recycling Policies
– Minimizing their Energy Footprint (ie the amount of carbon dioxide which is emitted at the atmosphere by everyday activities that require energy consumption)
– Offering Biological and Local products to their guests
– Using Renewable Energy Sources
– Building an Environmental Culture and communicating it to staff and guests

More info: www.greenhotels.gr

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