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IE Business School, recognized as one of the top 10 business schools in the world (Financial Times, The Economist, Business Week, and others), invites you to experience our Executive Master in Tourism Management a unique program which combines the core experience of a rigorous top Executive MBA with a specialized view of tourism management, offering a 360º view of the Travel&Tourism industry.

In order to showcase some of the innovative content of the program we have organized TWO VIRTUAL MASTERCLASSES accessible from around the globe.

“Tourist Destination Management” (28 September @ 12:00h Madrid local time)
Angel Diaz, Professor of Destination Management and President of ALS Services. Member of the International Advisory Board of the Metropoli Foundation
Get a taste of the Tourist Destination Management module from the Executive Master in Tourism Management.
Good tourist destination management is fundamental to territorial tourism competitiveness. The way in which destinations are planned, developed, managed, promoted and marketed, and how public- and private-sector stakeholders collaborate is fundamental to their competitive advantage.
This Masterclass will examine the main drivers of tourist destination competitiveness and the variables that managers, in both the public and private sector, can influence in order to improve a destination’s competitive advantage and therefore, that of the local tourist industry.
Register: http://info.ie.edu/request/inicio.aspx?events={7eb5572b-b1c4-e011-8a02-005056b4150f}&idioma=eng

“Hotel Valuation Techniques: Principles and tools” (4 October @ 19:00h Madrid local time)
Giuliano Gasparini, Professor of Real Estate and Senior Associate of HVS Global Hospitality Services
Get a taste of the Real Estate Management module from the Executive Master in Tourism Management.
This class will explore definitions of the term “value” and of the theories and principles beyond the different valuation techniques that can be used for real estate investment analysis.
Register: http://info.ie.edu/request/inicio.aspx?events={085d9f06-b2c4-e011-8a02-005056b4150f}&idioma=eng

I would love to tell you more about this excellent program. Please, do not hesitate to contact me (antonio.lopez@ie.edu) or my colleague Vani Nadarajah at vani.nadarajah@ie.edu for further information. The program website can be found at: www.exmtm.ie.edu

Hope you can join us!

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